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Southern Stars Saddle Fit Pad Deluxe

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The 4 pocket design allows for shim pads to be added and removed via Velcro closures with ease. This system is ideal to make finer adjustments to the saddle & horse, allowing horses to develop muscle without having to replace or re-flock your saddle all the time.

Does your horse suffer from these problems:

  • Rock or Bouncing of the saddle
  • Bridging
  • Lateral Shifting
  • Twisting
  • Low Behind
  • Low in front

Then the Saddle Fit pad is ideal for you and your horse

Adjusts saddle balance and weight distribution to the shape of your horse's back. Versatile with 4 shims and 2 pockets on each side. Fit your saddle to your horse just like a professional saddle fitter would with a flocking adjustment. Made from 100% real Australian Merino sheepskin, and includes one shim set with purchase.
Each Numnah pad comes with a set of 4 x high-density memory foam Shims. (10mm Thick)

The benefits of a shim pad system with your half pad are:

  • Helps compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid muscle development during training
  • For fully trained horses that change muscle definition during periods of work and rest
  • Helps correct natural irregularities in the horse build
  • To help compensate for a lower sway back caused by age
  • To help compensate for changes in form and condition over seasons
  • To be able to ride multiple horses in the same saddle