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ShouldersBack Lite

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Millions of people slump, slouch and hunch their way through the day Ð and try to ignore the aches, pains, and discomfort that go with poor posture. That's why orthopedic pros created ShouldersBack. It's a simple way to help correct their posture, look slimmer and feel better.

Wearing ShouldersBack for comfortable intervals will gently coax your shoulders back, encouraging muscle memory to kick in and help you stand and ride taller. It's easy to use, simple to care for, and virtually invisible to the rest of the world.

Available in a cool lite version suitable for warmer climates and in three sizes

Sizes: measuring ribcage circumference
Small: (Child) 16"-22"
Med: (adult and teen) up to 38"
Lge: (adult) 38" plus