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Hoof Putty

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Keratex Hoof Putty has been developed for repairing holes in the soles of a horse's feet, enabling the owner to turn out with confidence after the cavity has been plugged with Hoof Putty. The Hoof Putty also disinfects making it the perfect aid to recovery after punctures, abscesses, and cavities.

How It Works

After disinfecting the cavity, the Hoof Putty is applied as a semi-permanent wax that seals and stabilizes hoof separation, plus it prevents grit, mud, and debris from getting jammed up into the hole and damaging the recovery process.


The product is applied by simply molding the adhesive putty in clean hands and then pressing this into the cavity until you have a dense plug.


Keratex Hoof Putty is available in 200g tin.

Please note: the putty will be hard while in the tin but will soften in your hands as you mold the shape required.