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Flair Nasal Strip

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FLAIR® Strips are a drug-free horse health product. The self-adhesive strips enhance equine health by gently holding open your horse's nasal passages during physical exercise. The Strips have a spring-like action that opens and supports nasal passages while the special adhesive, which is designed to resist sweat and dirt, holds the strip firmly and comfortably in place.

Why do Flair Strips work? Unlike humans, horses only breathe through their noses. When horses begin to breathe hard during exercise, the soft tissues overlying the nasal passages are sucked in, reducing the airway diameter. This reduction in diameter causes greater resistance to airflow into the lungs. Clinical studies have found that FLAIR® Strips support nasal passages to reduce collapse. By reducing nasal passage collapse, your horse expends less energy to get the oxygen he needs. FLAIR® Strips support the soft tissues above the nostrils and in front of the nasal bone that collapse readily when you squeeze the area with your fingers.

Clinical studies have proven that Flair Strips:

  • Reduce Airway resistance
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Reduce Lung Stress and Bleeding

Flair Equine Nasal Strips allows your horse to perform at its very best at every race day, event, or competition.

How to use and apply Flair: Click here to view the YouTube video.