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Equilibrium Mineral Mix 5kg

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Equilibrium contains balanced ratios of macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and salt.


  • Recommended for all horses including broodmares (pregnant and lactating), growing horses, stallions, performance horses, pleasure and veterans
  • Dosage varies from 35g-210g depending on size, workload and whether grazing oxalate pastures (eg kikuyu)
  • All in one supplement containing macro and trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and salt
  • Suitable for horses prone to laminitis and tying up, also suitable for horses with Cushings
  • Tried, tested and suitable for New Zealand conditions including grass species, soil type and climate conditions
  • Can be mixed with hard feed or fed as loose lick to horses that don't require hard feed


  • No further vitamin, mineral or electrolyte supplementation required
  • Separating vitamin and mineral intake from energy and protein gives better control over feeding programmes and allows changes to be made to energy and protein intake without affecting the vitamin and mineral intake
  • Some owners report improvement in overall health and wellbeing when used as part of the Equilibrium Feeding Program
  • One supplement for all of horses - no need for multiple products in your feed room
  • Equilibrium provides full product support complimented with customised feeding programs taking into account availability and economy of locally available ingredients