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NEW RELEASE EQUI-PING now with a safety sleeve!

Equi-Ping is a highly awarded safety tether release for horses and ponies.

Directions for use: When tethering your horse, simply attach Equi-Ping to the metal ring on your stable wall, horsebox or trailer then tie your horse's leadrope to it. If your horse or pony panics and pulls back, the Equi-Ping is designed to 'ping' open when a specific stress point is reached to help avoid injury to the horse. The Equi-Pings are designed to be used with all four prongs fully engaged, however, if you have a smaller pony or you would like less force to be applied to open it then we suggest you engage only three prongs. The safety mechanism is easy to open and close. Leadropes smoothly slip through the Equi-Ping making for ease of use.

They come in a range of colors. (select in the menu above to show each color available)

The Equi-Ping is completely reusable, time and time again. Simply press back together, slide over the security sleeve, and re-tie your horse! Equi-Ping was launched at BETA 2011 and it wasn't just the buyers that were impressed.

The Equi-Ping was Highly Commended in the Innovation Awards- a very prestigious recognition from this important trade organization.