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Ecogold CoolFit Jumper Pad

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Your horse is an athlete. Keep him cool.

The CoolFit Saddle Pad is ECOGOLD's latest innovation, combining a flexible shock absorption system with the most advanced moisture management and heat dissipation technology.

Made with a COOLMAX underside layer and unique air-flow vent system, ECOGOLD's CoolFit Saddle Pad is engineered to quickly dissipate heat and moisture away from the horse's body, providing a more comfortable ride - Adapts to provide the best saddle fit & impact protection.

Comes with 2 removable 100% breathable open cell and memory foam inserts that can be combined or used by themselves for the ideal impact protection and saddle fit without the need for additional layers.- No slipping, no sliding, no friction! Combining ECOGOLD's innovative Frictionless and Secure systems to prevent friction while keeping the saddle safely secure - Ergonomic design. No foam on the flaps for the closest contact and a more stable riding position.

Available in White.

Special Order Colours: Black, Burgundy & Navy