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Anproflex Capsule Canine

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Anproflex Canine K9

"New Generation - Dual Action" joint Care

The Natural Alternative In Joint Care

Pronounced anti-inflammatory activity- works within the first week or so.
Contains higher quantities of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs).
These are known as Eicosatetraenoic Acids or ETA's for short.
Extensive independent scientific studies have shown excellent results, even when compared to well-known pharmaceutical compounds.
Medical studies have shown that products such as Anproflex soothe stiff joints and help maintain optimum mobility.

Anproflex produces visible mobilization, usually within the first two weeks which continues over time.

Recent studies have demonstrated great benefits of Anproflex over long-term use helping to prevent joint deterioration and even reverse joint damage
Ingredients: Extract of Whole New Zealand Green Shellª Mussel 400mg, marine sourced glucosamine 50mg.

Nutritional Analysis Per 1gm Per Capsule
Protein 552 mg 261mg
Carbohydrate 256mg 128mg
Fat 122mg 61mg

Suitable for: all dog breeds of any age requiring nutritional supplementation for joint health.

ORAL USE ONLY. To be administered with or without food. See the dosage chart below. Double dose for first 10 days treatment then reduces to maintenance levels.

Dogs up to 15kg: 1 capsule daily
Dogs over 15kg: 2 capsules daily

Other benefits: GLM extracts will assist in improving coat & skin conditions. The reduced salt formula for better hearts.

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight. ACVM Registered #A009808

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