Saddle Fitting

Equibarn has an independent saddle-fitter who is currently training with the Society of Master Saddlers UK.

As the saddle-fitter is not a saddler they will not be able to make adjustments to saddles with fixed gullets or make repairs. The saddle-fitter will be able to complete adjustments to saddles with interchangeable gullets and shim systems. Any larger adjustments will be referred to a qualified saddler in which the wither tracing will be useful.


What happens on the day of your saddle-fitting

 Your saddle-fitting session duration will be approximately 60 minutes and the fitter will have a lot to cover in that time. It would be really helpful if you can have your horse ready and waiting for the allocated time-slot.

The saddle-fitter will assess the shape and form of your horse and will watch your horse moving on the ground. They may ask you to walk the horse away from them and back and the same in trot. Your saddle-fitter may ask questions about any problems which you have encountered with your horse such as lameness, head-flicking or tongue lolling out of the side of the horses mouth.

The saddle-fitter will explain to you throughout the process what is required to achieve the most pleasant fit for horse and rider. If you already have a saddle which you would like the fitter to fit, they will check it over and possibly ask history if the saddle is second hand.
Your saddle-fitter will take a wither template which a copy will be provided to you for your records. Our saddle-fitter is an independent saddle-fitter and is not affiliated to a particular brand of saddle.

As a ridden assessment is required please make sure that there is an area which is firm and flat which is suitable for a ridden assessment and an area in which a static assessment can be completed.

From a health & safety perspective for saddle-fitter, horse and client;

  • Please ensure that you advise the saddle-fitter of any issues, quirks or nuances with the horse before attending. 
  • Please let us know if your horse has been injured  or under the current care of a physiotherapist, veterinarian or osteopath etc. and any reports from them.
  • Please ensure that you wear appropriate riding attire including riding helmet
  • Please tack your horse up in the same way you would normally


Standard saddle-fitting cost within Auckland region is $60 plus parts
Standard saddle-fitting cost outside Auckland region is $60 plus parts and mileage.
We offer multiple methods of payments, such as cash on the day, direct credit and invoice so please advise when booking the appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment please tell us as as possible. We do understand that horses are horses and sometimes life just gets in the way.
Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time within the Auckland region will not incur a fee.
Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time outside the Auckland region will incur a 30% charge.
Same day cancellation will incur a 90% cancellation unless we can fill the appointment. We will attempt to fill your appointment slot at short notice, if your slot is able to be filled by another client then there will be no fee charged. 
Cancellations made due to valid medical/veterinary reasons with certificate will not be charged

Weather Cancellation Policy

As part of our fitting process, we would carry out a static and dynamic assessment of the saddle. In other words we do require you to have a ridden assessment in the saddle. Not everyone is blessed with an indoor arena or access to one and we know sometimes the weather is not our friend.  In these cases where the weather is stormy, heavy rain and wind, we would not proceed with the fitting. In these cases you will not be charged and we will contact you directly to reschedule your appointment. 
Please use the contact forum below to enquire about a saddle-fitting service. 

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